About Us

Kehilat HaMishkan is Hebrew for ‘Gathering At The Tabernacle’

We are a unique Fellowship of both Jew and Gentiles united together by Yeshua HaMashiach and by His impartation of a shared love for the Nation of Israel, the apple of G-d’s eye. As we celebrate together the Lord’s Feast Days, and Friday evening Shabbats to honor the Lords Sabbath and to Praise the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our relationship continues to deepen in a harmonious fellowship. These celebrations are a partial fulfilment of our two-fold mission which includes the restoration of the Hebraic roots of Christianity as modeled by the first century believers.

The Home of Kehilat Ha Mishkan


We believe that ‘The Church’, as history has witnessed, has missed the mark in following the call to love the Jewish people as well as the Land of Israel. And by missing this Biblical mandate, fellowship between Jews and Gentiles has been sorely absent from traditional Christianity. We are dedicated to the full restoration of both Jew & Gentile and the Creation of the One New Man as written about in in Ephesian 2:15.


Our secondary goal for the Fellowship of Kehilat HaMishkan is a demonstration of an outpouring of Yeshua’s great love for the chosen people of Israel through an overflow of our love for the G-d of Abraham. We are devoted to bless, support and defend our Jewish brethren and the Nation of Israel.

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